Five Things You Need to Know About the 2016 Toyota Mirai

Five Things You Need to Know About the 2016 Toyota Mirai

Are fuel cells the future?

Known for bringing hybrid cars to the masses, Toyota is looking to revolutionize the industry again with the 2016 Mirai, a hydrogen fuel cell powered car that can have zero carbon emissions.

That zero emission future also comes with sustainability, meaning we can fuel our cars without relying on fossil fuels like oil. While the Mirai isn’t the first hydrogen fuel cell car to be offered for sale in the US, it has a number of important advancements in performance, availability and support. Before we go into what you need to know about the Mirai, lets start with how it works.

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Basically, the car houses two tanks that can be filled with compressed Hydrogen gas. The Hydrogen passes through something called a Hydrogen fuel-cell stack, which adds Oxygen to the Hydrogen. This process creates electricity through a chemical reaction, which powers the front wheels. The only by-product is water, which comes out of the back of the car. It’s like having an electric generator in your car, but powered by hydrogen. In fact, the Mirai could act like a generator for your house in the case of an emergency, providing enough electricity to power the average household for a week.

Sound interesting? Then read on to find out more key details you should know about the Mirai.

  • Santos

    Is everyone BLIND? This is the ugliest car ever.

  • earl

    Now there’s a Hydrogen tank that needs blowing up…..but it at least makes the rest of the Toyotas look better.

  • narg

    Fuel Cell is NOT the future. At least not in the foreseeable future for now. It’s maintenance schedule is massive compared to other cars, and the production of Hydrogen is a greenhouse gas nightmare right now. The “zero emission” thing is 100% bull. Shame on the government for giving tax credits for this stupid idea of a car.

  • and you are a bullshit because Fuel cell, just like electricity that powers EVs, IS the future and it’s not a greenhouse nightmare. It’s also 0% bull. and shame on YOU for bashing innovation and loyalty to me!

  • and now there’s a TROLL that is NOW blowing UP!~

  • And are YOU BLIND?!!?!?!?!?! You ARE the ugliest TROLL ever, and the Mirai IS the most handsome car EVER!

  • shadow

    have you researched the amount of energy that is required to separate H from H2O?

  • FJjim

    What is funny is that in the information age People are to lazy to look up the truth about the thing/cars presented to them.