Ford Teases Mustang GT350, Again

Ford Teases Mustang GT350, Again

Ford has released the second teaser video of five highlighting a mysterious performance vehicle. We think they’re spearheading the introduction of their much-rumored Mustang GT350.

Regrettably you don’t get to see much of the car, but this time around you get a small peek at some of its chassis bits. It’s pretty clearly a Mustang but what kind is up for debate.

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Once again the company’s product-development people talk about the unnamed vehicle, going on about purposeful design, chassis balance and how performance is more than just engine power. Your eyes are treated to a few brief video frames of some cast-aluminum components, a part that could be the top-hat portion of a brake rotor and perhaps a suspension control arm, though these items are shot so closely and are shown so briefly it’s very hard to tell what they are.

Like the preceding teaser, this one ends on a still of the car’s rear haunches with an engine idling in the background. Does it sound like a V8 with a flat-plane crankshaft to you? The date “11.17.14” is also shown, again in a Shelby-style font. Check out the video for yourself. What do you think this mysterious Ford is?

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