GM Ignition-Switch Claims Deadline Extended

GM Ignition-Switch Claims Deadline Extended

GM has pushed the deadline back for those looking to file claims under the faulty ignition-switch compensation program. 

The final day has been pushed back one month to Jan. 31, 2015, the program’s administrator, Kenneth Feinberg said. So far, 33 fatal cases caused by the faulty ignition switch have been approved for compensation along with 39 injury cases. A total of 2,105 claims have been submitted.

Feinberg says the deadline has been pushed back “out of an abundance of caution,” but also because a new notice is being mailed this week to about 850,000 newly registered owners and to individuals who have mailed back a corrected registration or address.

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External forces likely also had a hand in the decision as last week Feinberg received a letter from the executive director of the Center for Auto Safety encouraging him to expand the outreach efforts and to scour federal crash databases to find cases where the ignition switch may be to blame for the death.

GM has already sent notices to 4.5 million people, all of which were targeted at current or prior owners of the affected cars.

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