GM to Sport Android-Powered Infotainment Systems in 2016

GM to Sport Android-Powered Infotainment Systems in 2016

While other automakers are hesitant about getting in bed with Google, GM is pressing on and is looking to deliver an Android-based infotainment system in their new cars as  soon as 2016.

According to a report from Automotive News, Android-based infotainment systems are on the way to GM cars via supplier Harman International, a company that secured a $900 million contract back in 2012 to deliver the automakers next-generation in-car system.

The supplier let a few details of the upcoming system slip during a conference call, stating that an app-store is on the way, although apps will be developed by GM, Harman and other third party developers, rather than just Google and Android. Harman is saying its been working closely with Google in order to deliver an “automotive-grade” experience.

Harman says that GM will be the first car company to launch vehicles using this new operating system, although other automakers could adopt it later.

Its important to note that this solution would be different than the upcoming Android Auto infotainment system that are coming out later this year and early next year. Those systems require an Android smart-phone to be tethered to the car in order to transmit information from the device to the vehicle. Harman’s solution seems to be a stand-alone Android based system.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • James Diman

    Glad to see that GM is going to Android. Wonder if “OK Google” will be active on this. I know Android Auto will have it.

  • Santos

    Will Android still be relevant in 2016? Couldn’t it change quite a bit between then and now?