McLaren Sport Series Butterfly Doors Teased

McLaren Sport Series Butterfly Doors Teased

McLaren has released a pair of teaser images for its upcoming entry-level model.

Previously codenamed P13, the new McLaren will officially be called the Sport Series and will feature butterfly doors proving that it won’t deviate too far from the 650S. The Sport Series will also share its carbon fiber chassis and will be equipped with a mid-mounted V8 engine. Though the above image has the Sport Series covered in camouflage, it’s easy to tell that it will be heavily influenced by both the 650S and P1, McLaren’s existing offerings.

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It is expected that the McLaren Sport Series will be priced around $210,000 making it about 20 percent less expensive than the 650S. As a result, it will likely have around 450 hp to not cannibalize sales with a top speed around 185 MPH and sprinting from 0 to 60 MPH in four seconds. McLaren will officially debut the Sport Series sometime next year and expect a convertible variant to follow the coupe.

GALLERY: McLaren Sport Series Teasers


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  • folic

    450 hp 185mph top speed and 4 second zero to 60 for 210k.
    i hope this is stupid reporting, bc if mclaren is doing this they are screwed… I’m gonna bet this is just spud it reporting