Mercedes Maybach Successor Heading to 2014 LA Auto Show

Mercedes Maybach Successor Heading to 2014 LA Auto Show

Daimler’s ultra-luxury Maybach brand might have been killed off last year, but we could see a return of the nameplate as soon as this year.

The German automaker plans to bring an exclusive Mercedes-Benz S-Class variant sporting the Maybach name to the Guangzhou Motor Show and the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show later this year.

The Maybach brand was discontinued in 2012 and officially axed in 2013, but Daimler doesn’t want to let the name simply die off. Instead, the Maybach tag will be used on a high-end S-Class sporting soft-touch leather, bespoke materials and other luxury accoutrements that will allegedly double the price of a standard S-Class to around $228,000.

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The aim of the Maybach S-Class model will be to target ultra-luxury buyers that don’t find the range-topping S-Class model… range-topping enough. This car will appeal to those who want something outside the British realm of Bentley and Rolls-Royce. According to an inside source, the Maybach S-Class will have a wheelbase that is 7.9 inches longer than the extended S-Class, offering extra leg space and making it the longest vehicle offering in the German automaker’s lineup. That is, until the Mercedes Pullman state limousine makes a debut.

[Source: Automotive News]

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