Nissan GT-R Gets Upgrades in Japan

Nissan GT-R Gets Upgrades in Japan

The 2015 Nissan GT-R is getting some updates for the Japanese market.

A number of changes are coming to the car in the JDM market, most of which are likely to come to the 2016 GT-R here in North America, which should launch in the second quarter of 2015.

In the realm of performance enhancement, the car is getting revised dampers, ECU updates and modified Dunlop run-flat tires for better cornering and ride quality. The bulk of the remaining enhancements have to do with improving noise, vibration and harshness. New brake shims and pads are fitted that make less noise, the steering damper has been revised to provide less vibration at idle and new carpet has been put in the trunk to increase sound deadening. Finally, the GT-R premium now get optional RAYS split-spoke alloy wheels.

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There will also be a new NISMO-tuned track model available with an upgraded suspension, flared front fenders, forged RAYS wheels, stickier tires and special adhesive bonding of the frame for additional rigidity.

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  • johnls39 .

    Well, other than looks, I don’t see a point getting this car over the Corvette Z06.

  • jr

    Interesting I would think most others prefer the Z06 look. The Z06 is a beast but the GTR is probably a better beast at the track. The car is extremely forgiving and easy to go fast unlike the C7’s which I’ve already seen quite a few spin. The borgwarner tranny gets more power to the ground and don’t forget 4wd. The gtr is actually quite well behaved in the rain compared to most cars putting down 500+HP on 2x tires.

    But yes 550HP is just “average” these days haha and the LS7 is an amazing motor weighing in almost 200lbs less than the VR38DETT.