Saleen Renames its Tesla Model S Packages

Saleen Renames its Tesla Model S Packages

The Saleen-tuned Tesla Model S previously called the “Foursixteen” has a new name.

Based on the Tesla Model S, Saleen has opted to change the naming convention now that the American electric automaker has revealed the more powerful P85D sporting 691 hp. The Foursixteen name originally referenced the Model S P85’s 416 hp but now with the 691-hp P85E, Saleen has gone with ST380 and ST691 to designate its custom Model S offerings. ST, which is short for Saleen Tesla, will be available on the standard P85 model from $132,000 while the ST681 which uses the Tesla Model S P85D will be priced at $164,600.

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The packages outfits the Model S with more aggressive styling, new final gear ratios and locking differentials as well as new suspension upgrades, a modified cabin with 2+2 seating and carbon ceramic brakes. According to Saleen, the ST691 will be capable of hitting 60 MPH from a standstill in under three seconds, or a few ticks faster than the production 3.2 mark.

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