Scion iM Revealed as a Sporty 5-Door Hatchback

Scion iM Revealed as a Sporty 5-Door Hatchback

After the success of the FR-S, Scion appears to be keeping its focus on sporty models with the reveal of a new concept car targeted at younger buyers.

Called the iM, the brand’s new five-door hatchbach gets dramatic styling mixed with the functionality that a hatch can offer.

Scion says the car’s design is inspired by European touring cars with a low-slung body, big air intakes, geometric grille inserts and big 19-inch wheels. Also shown on the car are huge 19-inch wheels with performance tires, vented front brake rotors with 4-piston calipers and a height-adjustable racing suspension.

It’s also painted in a custom “Incrediblue” shade.

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No details have been released on the powertrain, though this isn’t likely to be a hot hatch. Instead look for a more modest engine, like the 1.8-liter 4-cylinder from the Corolla, under the hood.

The iM is technically a concept car, but is expected to see production soon with its underpinnings likely shared with the European market Toyota Auris. Just don’t expect to see many of the more extreme elements of the car at that point.

“The tastes of today’s younger buyers have evolved. They want a car that provides excitement and individuality, as well as the comfort, technology and reliability that Scion offers,” said Scion Vice President Doug Murtha. “The iM Concept combines sleek styling with the versatility of a modern hatchback to catch the eye of Scion customers. Stay tuned for more on how we will bring this vision to the road.”

Scion will officially reveal the car at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday, November 19th.

GALLERY: Scion iM Concept


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  • stewbacca

    Just making a swoopy Corolla-powered car is not a successful formula. Somebody who would be drawn to a Corolla would be put-off by this design. Also, I’m 45 and I’d buy this or an FRS if they’d put a reasonable amount of horsepower under the hood. Young people don’t have money. Quit pandering to them with cars that are out of their budget.

  • Shiratori90

    Total baloney…..

  • Jamal

    Looks awesome!

  • stewbacca

    Care to elaborate? I assure you this car will be a sales flop if it looks like this and has a 132 hp Corolla engine. If anything, this car will be priced similar, if not more, than a Fiesta ST or possibly even a Civic SI. What, exactly is the selling point if you make a sporty economy car that has 70 less hp than all the competition? 19″ wheels? My point being they’ll probably price this in the range somebody like me can easily afford but wouldn’t buy because it’s an overpriced underpowered economy car, but expensive enough that the young buyer that would be attracted to a sporty economy car couldn’t afford.

  • Mythodekyl

    Yeaaa… My 92 mx3 has 130hp in a 1.8 v6

  • JBnotJBiebs

    Literally just a Lexus CT200h, only $25,000 cheaper and rebadged…

  • Well, it’s sure working like gangbusters for the Toyota Auris, which is this exact same car in Europe…

  • And how many tuners leave a car exactly as it is when it rolled off the dealer lot?


    Tuners may or may not go for this car, of course, but not everything is judged on 0-60. If you want that, go find a 200x Civic and add goodies.

  • stewbacca

    Tuning a 132 hp Toyota Corolla sounds like a life altering experience!

  • Shiratori90

    These are all assumptions, not facts. Thanks for playing troll….

  • stewbacca

    Well all you’ve got is “total baloney” and “all assumptions”. I’m just trying to have a conversation. If you’d like to participate, that’d be great. Otherwise, you are sounding more like the troll.

  • Shiratori90

    I’m not going to produce a serious response to posts that are full of nothing but speculation.

  • Considering how little horsepower most hot rods and “malaise era” customization specials started with when rolling off the lot and how much they ended up with, there’s not a huge amount of difference. Just body styles.

  • And re-everything-elsed. Take a look at the back end again. And also the sides. And the front. And the platform, suspension, engines, interior, glass…

    Okay, maybe the keyless entry system and door locks came from the parts bin. Almost everything in the Toyota/Lexus/Scion inventory has the same key fobs and door lock tones.

  • Goran

    With right engines this will sell well, make hot hatch version of it with optional AWD to compete with Focus RS, and make regular version to be volume seller.