Supra Sucessor to Cost More than a Corvette

Supra Sucessor to Cost More than a Corvette

The sports car collaboration between Toyota and BMW will yield a product for Toyota that could cost more than a base Corvette.

Citing an unnamed inside source, Car and Driver reports that the upcoming Japanese sports car will be more expensive than the current Corvette Stingray. That means it will start above the $55,000 mark and suggests that Toyota will need to offer it with power comparable to vehicles in that range. In other words, the Supra successor will probably have more than 400 hp coming from either a turbocharged or hybridized powertrain.

The partnership will also render a performance car for BMW that, until now, was rumored to be a possible successor to the Z4. The two companies said that their end products will be noticeably different, but it isn’t clear how so.

If the BMW sells at a premium to the Toyota, it could start pushing into Porsche 911 territory in price.

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