Takata Ordered to Initiate National Airbag Recall

Takata Ordered to Initiate National Airbag Recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has ordered Takata to take part of a nationwide recall for its defective airbags.

NHTSA said Takata’s approach to fixing the potentially deadly flaw has been insufficient as the agency has told the company in a letter that identifies a defect in “driver’s side airbag inflators and is nationwide in scope.” According to a report, if Takata refuses to take part in the nationwide recall, it could be fined up to $7,000 per violation. NHTSA has been urging automakers to treat the massive airbag issue as a defect worthy of national recall and is compelling Takata to do the same hoping that the company will take more aggressive steps to ensure a supply of replacement parts sufficient to meet national demand.

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Takata has pushed back against the NHTSA saying that recalling vehicles in other non-humid areas would cause a shortage of parts and slow repairs. Currently, Takata airbag inflators may malfunction if exposed to constant high humidity.

[Source: Automotive News]

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