Top 10 Trucks of the 2014 SEMA Show

Top 10 Trucks of the 2014 SEMA Show

1. 1958 Jeep FC170

The number one spot is reserved for something unique: the Jeep Forward Control 170 complete with tracks all the way around. Plenty of custom work was done on this truck to get it to the amazing state we found it in at the SEMA Show, and it looks like it would be a blast to take out to the sand dunes or into the snow.

To top it all off, this Jeep celebrates its Mopar heritage with a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 providing all the grunt you’ll ever need.

  • craigcole

    Love that 1950 F1, though even with 800 hp it leaves me feeling conflicted. It should have a flathead in that engine bay!

  • Freedom

    Why are there so many Toyotas on this list? Everyone knows the Japanese can’t build a real pickup truck.

  • Darvin Frey

    I wouldn’t really say that Jeep has Mopar Heritage.

  • fhlh

    correct, that’s why they are built in San Antonio…

  • oldhemi

    “Heritage connection is through A M C , although it is pretty tenuous as far as connections go, so at least they put a HEMI in it ” [I’m just kidding, we all know unless it’s old school [331,354,392, or 426], it ain’t a REAL hemi !. I don’t wanna hear about 700 HP Hellcats EITHER !!

  • goodtoberight1

    Where the heck is the next generation Titan already!!!!!!!?????

    Come on Nissan…..get your act together before I forget you are in the truck business.

  • William Dowdy

    All those trucks were nice, but none of them stand a chance with a titan, exspecally the new 2015 titan w/ cummens. Although they would have done better with a dura max engine. Ill stick with the titan.