2016 Chevy Volt Interior Teased in Video

2016 Chevy Volt Interior Teased in Video

Chevy has released a new video featuring the upcoming Chevy Volt.

In the video, Executive VP of Global Product Development Mark Reuss is piloting the new Volt alongside the car’s chief engineer. They discuss the Volt’s new regenerative braking on demand feature, which has been adopted from the Cadillac ELR. It allows the driver to activate regenerative braking using paddles on the back of the steering wheel.

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The video also gives us a clear look at the new interior of the car, although it is still covered up by material in an attempt to hide its design. The center stack does appear to be heavily revised while the digital gauge cluster is still in place.

When it revealed, it is expected that the Volt will have more range and a more aggressive look, inspired in part by the new Corvette.

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