2016 Nissan Titan to Bow in Detroit Next Year

2016 Nissan Titan to Bow in Detroit Next Year

The full-size pickup segment has never been so competitive. A brand-new Chevy Silverado, a heavily revised Ram and a refreshed Toyota Tundra are tantalizing options, and then there’s an aluminum-body F-150 waiting in the wings. But fixin’ for a fight, Nissan is throwing its 10-gallon hat into the rodeo ring with a brand-new Titan.

This 2016 model is expected to bow next January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The truck will also (finally) be offered in a regular-cab configuration.

Arguably the biggest news about this totally redesigned truck is the availability of a monster 5.0-liter Cummins diesel engine, but that’s not all. It’s expected that a new gasoline six-shooter will also be on the menu.

And the Titan nameplate needs all the help it can get; sales of the current model have been absolutely depressing. Dealers delivered just 887 of them last month. By comparison Ford shipped nearly 47,000 F-Series pickups in January.

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  • handsome bob

    Why have sales been so poor- do people not want a truck that will drive for 300k miles with no problems?

  • Aaron2112

    Simple really, and this is coming from a ’12 Titan owner. It is indeed a fantastic truck. But there’s one depressing and absolutely hindering fact… Nissan has essentially left this thing alone since the 2004 debut. The exterior styling, save for 2013, is exactly the same. The 2013 consists of a few very minor exterior changes, a new steering wheel and an updated, still poor quality in comparison, center console. There is only one engine available, a thirsty but powerful V8, and two body configurations. When you look at its competition, the Titan really does not live up to its name or its reason for being when all of its competitors can out do the thing.

  • B. Oblamer

    If Nissan doesn’t WOW the trucking people with a TOTALLY new competitive Titan, they might as well pack up their stuff and head back to Nippon. After over a decade with virtually no changes, the Titan desperately needs a full redesign of the entire truck. New wheels and stripes won’t work.

  • B. Oblamer

    Why pay premium money for an over 10 year old, obsolete truck design? The competitors have left poor old Titan in the dust.

  • Greg Bloodworth

    I have owned many Nissan products over the years and have been very satisfied with each and every purchase and ownership experience – EXCEPT one. I purchased a new 2005 Nissan Titan and have had more problems with this vehicle than any other by far. There are many positive things about this vehicle – but reliability and dealership customer service are not very positive. I must concur there are no new designs to the Titan with the exception of wheels and stripes. The engineering issues regarding reliability, longevity and mpg need to be addressed in the same manner Ford is doing for the F150 line.

    All of my Nissan cars are great memories or great reliable cars in my garage.
    The Titan is a festering sore which unfortunately continues to have problems.

    Unless I see significant improvement there is no way I”m going to consider another Titan purchase. Sad to say it – but hard facts they are.

    Both exhaust manifolds cracked.
    Exhaust system rusted out after 5 years.
    Drive shaft replaced.
    Windshield reservoir tank and pump.
    Missing mounting bolt on transfer case mount.
    IPDM – need I say more.

  • L.L. Radeker

    I have a 04,Titan,and yes I have had my share of problems. But it is a fantastic truck. I have blown the doors off of hemi`s,gone in rivers and pulled out fords,as well as chevys. I would not trade it for another. It is a gas gussling sob. but its a four wheel drive sob.And its mine.

  • Mighty Fine

    When I bought my Titan, it was a fresh design, awesome, original factory options, like electric rear window, electric adjustable gas & brake pedals, Dampened, lockable tailgate, adjustable bed tie downs that I use almost every time I haul something, cargo lights in the bedside along with a 12V outlet, lockable storage box in l/r bedside. Things that none of the others had except for maybe Toyota. Not to mention one of the most responsive v8 engines in the pickup business. But that was in 2006…Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) people can’t tell my 06 from a 14 except for the wheels! I still have the truck and other than a few problems in the beginning which were covered under warranty, it’s been a great truck. As long as you can handle 12-15 mpg and $90 fill ups.
    But figure the trucks been paid off for 4 years now. It owes me nothing. Other than 1 set of f & r brakes & rotors at 38k, ($400) a blower motor module,($55) a Battery ($100) and basic routine maintenance items, I have had no other expenses. Never even had to replace a light bulb!
    Still looks great,no rust at all, and I live in snowy Buffalo Ny.
    It effortlessly pulls my 2 place covered snowmobile trailer in the winter (2500 lbs), a car trailer (2000 lbs) and my 1986 Buick Grand National (3600 lbs) and my 26 ft camper in (5200 lbs) the summer. I know these are not very heavy, but that’s why I traded my 2001 Silverado H.D. for this 1/2 ton pick up.
    I bought the “Big Tow” package. (Reminds me of the movie STRIPES) That comes with lower gear ratio, expandable electric & heated mirrors and tow hitch with electric brake module. The newer Titans even have Rev Matching when downshifting. Just like on the 370 Z cars. Why? Who knows, but it’s fun to mess with. Will I buy another Titan. Hell yes, as long as they give us engine options & address the fuel poor mileage. (My neighbor has a 13 Silverado w/ the 5.3 liter and he’s getting 17/19 mpg). And it looks like the diesel option will cure that.

  • Shiratori90

    Yeah, your username really reveals your troll-worthyness.

  • Tx Steeler

    Agreed, I own a 13 Pro4X that I really love.The truck without question is a beast.Does love fuel though! But it’s not going to have both power & economy. I have seen the new 16 Titan and it’s a whole new truck. Even though all years look the same there have been significant changes that hurt earlier year models.IPDM :Which had a recall for the ECU relay”,Manifolds “Covered 8/80,harness issues manily on 04,05,fuel gauge “again a warranty extension on those, Brake judder on 04 & 05’s which also had a warranty extension. But the powertrain has been a absolutely awesome. The make over is extreme but needed.

  • Tx Steeler

    Having seen the new Titan. I can truly say that it’s a beast. Upgrades that all of us Nissan dealers have been waiting for. Along with Nissan buyers. Overall thru the years the Titan has been a great truck.

  • Rickers

    @tx_steeler:disqus Where did you see the new Titan?

  • Paul

    I got 2006 manifolds you can have.sarasota fl

  • Paul

    The los of power can be gained with a programmer and headers,exhaust and intake.
    i did this and no stock more expensive truck has more power lb per lb.

  • Apftw .

    no offence but ford just sells trim levels as does dodge.. same engine same gimmicks. i wouldn’t pay 20g more for an f150 when i got my titan brand new loaded for 34g.. and those ecoboost are god awful on fuel too. ( i had one as a rental from an accident). sure newer trucks have nicer add ons. and interiors. but for a huge price point. so go ahead