Audi Unite is a New Kind of Car Sharing Service

Audi Unite is a New Kind of Car Sharing Service

Audi is trying to launch an entirely new kind of car sharing service. 

Called Audi Unite, the program allows up to four friends to share the use of a single Audi. Using an app, these four customers can reserve time with the car, find out its location and even check its fuel levels. And if you can’t find four people yourself to share the car, Audi will connect you with others who are looking to use the service.

A 12- or 24-month contract has to be signed by the customers to get the car, which can be anything from the Audi lineup, from the small A1 up to the R8 and even an RS performance car. Included in the contract are automated billing, monthly cleaning, full comprehensive insurance, service, and seasonal tire changes.

The program was launched as a prototype in Stockholm, Sweden thanks to the cities willingness to adopt new technology and history of sharing. Pricing for the program seems reasonable, at roughly 2,091 Swedish krona ($277) each per month for the use of an A3 Sportback over two years with a 20,000 km limit.

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