Average US Fuel Economy Stays Flat in November

Average US Fuel Economy Stays Flat in November

The average fuel economy rating for all cars sold in November in the U.S. remains flat.

September through November of 2014 have all had the same average rating, 25.3 mpg. That is calculated by averaging out the EPA-rated fuel economy for every light vehicle sold in the United States during November.

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November exhibited two opposing trends that likely attributed to the flat fuel economy numbers. On the one hand, this is the first month of sales for a number of 2015 model-year vehicles, many of which have improved fuel economy over their predecessors. On the flip side though, the recent decline in gas prices is thought to be the cause of spiking truck sales and a decline in fuel-efficient vehicle sales.

The Chevy Silverado, Ram 1500 and GMC Sierra all saw over 20-percent growth month-over-month in November.

Source: [UMTRI]

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