BMW 3 Series Spy Photos Show Off Facelift

BMW 3 Series Spy Photos Show Off Facelift

The BMW 3 Series is getting a facelift and it’s nearing production.

The latest spy photos from‘s spy photographers show both the 3 Series sedan and wagon with updated styling, though it’s not a radical departure from what we’ve come to know on the 3 Series over the last decade. The updated model will benefit from adaptive LED headlights, which were previously only available as an option on the 4 Series. Expect the front end to get mild changes including updated kidney grilles and front bumper while we also get a look at how the M Sport aerodynamics will change for the new 3 Series.

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The facelifted 3 Series will also usher in new engines from the German automaker which means the 335i will become the 340i mid-next year when the model is introduced. In 2016, expect the 328i to become the 330i. The updated 3 Series should be making its debut at next year’s Geneva Motor Show.

GALLERY: BMW 3 Series Sedan Facelift Spy Photos


GALLERY: BMW 3 Series Wagon Facelift Spy Photos


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