BMW i3 Takes Self Parking to Next Level

BMW i3 Takes Self Parking to Next Level

BMW plans to show off some of its latest car technologies at this year’s Consumer Electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas. 

To show off both its latest crash avoidance technology and autonomous parking systems, BMW will be bringing an i3 fit with four laser scanners. These offer the car a 360-degree view, allowing it to see obstacles or obstructions in the road. If the car is approaching something solid, it will apply the necessary brake pressure to make sure it stops short of the obstacle, unless the driver intervenes with steering input.

What’s really interesting though is BMW’s Remote Valet Parking Assistant, which uses the sensors to allow the car to navigate multi-storey parking garages on its own. The system is not dependent on GPS because sometimes the signal is weakened by the concrete structure. Using its sensors, the i3 can find its way to a parking spot on its own. Then, when it’s time to leave, the driver can call on the car using their Smart Watch, and it will pilot itself back to the entrance of the garage.

While this is just a prototype, this i3 research vehicle is showing BMW’s autonomous technology groundwork for the company’s plan of having highly automated drive functions in passenger vehicles by 2020.

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