California Misses Deadline on New Self-Driving Car Laws

California Misses Deadline on New Self-Driving Car Laws

Lawmakers are having a hard time determining just how safe autonomous vehicles are.

The state of California will miss a year-end deadline to propose new rules for self-driving cars as regulators are still determining just how safe the technology is. There are seven companies in California testing the technology and the California Department Motor of Vehicle (DMV) still has questions on how competent those vehicles are on the roadways. DMV officials have said they won’t let the public purchase self-driving cars until they can be certified as safe to operate.

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Unfortunately, the technology is still in its infant stage, meaning there are no accepted standards to confirm its safety. Currently, the department is asking the industry, consumer groups and other interested parties to assemble next month for a public workshop on safety standards in hopes of exploring a way to determine how to certify self-driving cars for public use.

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