Ford Drops MyFord Touch for All-New System

Ford Drops MyFord Touch for All-New System

Ford previewed its next-generation infotainment system called Sync 3 at a press event in Dearborn, Michigan on Thursday, also announcing that new system will ditch the MyFord Touch moniker.

Since the inception of this hands-free, voice-activated technology Ford has been partnered with Microsoft but that’s no longer the case. Now the automaker is working with Panasonic on all-new Sync 3 system.

Customer opinions are an important part of Sync and Ford says they’ve listened to tons of feedback from owners in a bid to make this system better. To date more than 10 million Sync-equipped vehicles have been sold.

Raj Nair, Ford’s group vice president and chief technical officer, global product development said Sync 3 has an “all-new graphical interface,” which matches the fresh computer code that powers it. It’s also supposed to be more intuitive. “We really narrowed the amount of information on the home screen” said Nair.

Other changes include a background that’s easier to seen in bright sunlight, a choice that should also show fewer fingerprints. Engineers have also added various gestures including swipe and pinch to zoom. Additionally address entry has been made simpler with one box to type in opposed to many separate ones for things like street name, zip code and address.

The home screen has been totally revamped, too. There’s now a function tray located at the bottom, which resembles what Chrysler has with its Uconnect system. Apple’s Siri voice assistant has also been incorporated into Sync.

Other changes include streamlined software updates, easier application development and the availability of other features. Sync 3 will launch next year but Ford representatives will not say when or in which vehicle it will debut.

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