Ford F-150 Hybrid, Diesel Under Consideration

Ford F-150 Hybrid, Diesel Under Consideration

The Ford F-150 family might gain some new powertrain variants in the near future.

Despite fuel costs dropping nationwide, the American automaker is currently developing a hybrid powertrain for its popular F-150 pickup truck and even a diesel powerplant isn’t entirely out of the question. The hybrid version of the F-150 is priority at the moment, but Ford admits that if the demand is there, it won’t hesitate to add a diesel to the lineup.

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Unfortunately according to Ford global product development chief Raj Nair, the hybrid system is still in its early stages of development so there’s little details to share at the moment.

It’s worth noting that even though gas prices are falling, automakers will still have to meet stricter emissions requirements in the coming years, which makes development of hybrid powertrains for pickups all the more important.

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[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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  • Hybridssuckdonkeyballs

    Hybrid, weak. Diesel half ton, sweet

  • Absolute Best Carpet Care

    Like you, i hope they go with a diesel in the f-150 line to compete with Ram’s diesel. Figure a way to get the Mercedes engine and the war is won on the pickup truck battle..

    From a ford stock owner.

  • Tracy Joe Dotson

    Diesel in 150 well yea everyone would love it . Ford had a small diesel planned for the 150 years ago and sold it to range rover . Guessing it was the same guy that got rid of the 7.3 international . So now ford will look like its trying to keep up with dodge . Great job fomoco

  • Alex

    Ford have two diesel engines on New Ranger 2.2 L and 2.4 L but only for European market or the rest of the world . They won’t bring it to North Americam market. Will beat from farrrrr away the Dodge Ram.

  • Alex

    I forgot that Ford offers standard transmission not only automatic