Jaguar XK Might Make a Comeback

Jaguar XK Might Make a Comeback

Despite its decision to cancel the XK earlier this year, Jaguar might bring the now-gone nameplate back in the near future.

Until the F-Type arrived, the XK served as a mix between a sports car and a grand tourer with two admittedly tiny rear seats behind the front buckets. But with the advent of Jaguar’s new sports car, very little need remained for the aging XK and Jaguar decided to can it.

Along with overseeing development of the F-Type, Ross Varney was also in charge of developing a replacement to the XK until Jaguar shelved the project. But Varney isn’t convinced that the book is totally shut.

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“The car straddled the GT and sports car segment, with more of an emphasis on the GT side but probably not enough of an emphasis on the GT side,” he told AutoCar. “There is no reason the XK couldn’t exist today as a true contender in that GT segment.”

Despite the company planning to do more with the F-Type, he said there are other segments in the car market that Jaguar wants to participate in and that the XK could be one way of doing that.

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