Lamborghini Huracan Leaked

Lamborghini Huracan Leaked

The replacement to Lamborghini’s best selling car to date just leaked in the photo above.

Lamborghini hasn’t confirmed that this is, in fact, the car that will replace its decade-old supercar, but it seems likely given the how close it looks to the camouflaged car shown in spy photos of the car in winter testing from earlier today. The Italian supercar builder hasn’t confirmed any details about the car. In fact, the brand hasn’t released anything aside from ambiguous teasers released right after a statement about the Gallardo’s conclusion.

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But rumors suggest the supercar successor will use a version of the Gallardo’s V10 that will make over 600 hp, likely with a dual-clutch transmission instead of the current automated manual. Rumored names have included “Cabrera,” “Deimos,” and most recently, “Huracan.”

GALLERY: Lamborghini Huracan


GALLERY: Lamborghini Huracan Spy Photos


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  • prumm

    I recon they’ll use the ISR gearbox – they spent a lot of money to make it and to give it the flick after one model is crazy. Also, Audi will probably keep the dual clutch gearbox to the R8.

  • Vitor Bullets

    I thought this one was named as Cabrera

  • Robsko

    What SHIT journalism. Nothing was “leaked”. This is a rendering someone has taken of one of the spy shots of the testing mule and he’s filled it in with how he thinks it could look under the camo.
    Way to spread stupidity. you’re the car world equivelant of TMZ or the national enquirer.
    Fucking dummies will soak this false info up too.

  • Rickers

    You are one unnecessarily angry dude.

  • knwsmorethnu

    LOL… If by “he” you mean Filippo Perini, then you’d be right.

  • Jimbo

    There were a few names being thrown around. The latest is Huracan. Don’t be long before we all know the “truth.”

  • I bet they will use a dual clutch.

  • UMadBrah

    Looks like a mini Murcielago.