Matthew McConaughey Starring in New Lincoln MKZ Ads

Matthew McConaughey Starring in New Lincoln MKZ Ads

Matthew McConaughey and Lincoln are getting ready to release a series of new ads to ring in 2015.

Building off the popularity of the MKC ads that debuted earlier this year, McConaughey will now get behind the wheel of the MKZ and MKZ Hybrid for a new series of ads that will begin airing during the New Year’s Day college football games, which are also the first of the College Football Playoff Series. Two new television and online ads will be released, following the success of the MKC ads that helped fuel early sales success for the crossover. The new MKZ ads will be filmed in a similar style and tone to the previous MKC ads, which were also the source for several viral parodies.

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The first ad will be titled “Diner” and will have McConaughey using a small neighborhood restaurant in Silver Lake to highlight the features of the MKZ. The other spot will be called “Balance” and will have McConaughey in Griffith Park in front of the L.A. skyline while pondering the MKZ Hybrid’s balance of design and fuel efficiency.

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