Oklahoma City First in U.S. to $1.99 Gas

Oklahoma City First in U.S. to $1.99 Gas

Oklahoma City has taken its residents back to 2010.

For the first time since July 2010, a gas station has posted up a price of $1.99 a gallon, becoming the first U.S. gas station to do so in over four years. According to GasBuddy.com, other states are expected to follow including Texas, South Carolina and Missouri while areas near Houston, Spartanburg and St. Louis are within 20 cents of falling under $2.00 a gallon. Earlier a report suggested that gas prices could drop another $0.25 by Christmas and it appears that the drop has already begun nationwide.

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Currently the U.S. national average is $2.74 per gallon which is $0.51 cheaper than last year but experts find it unlikely that the national average will fall to under $2.00 anytime soon. Do expect the national average to fall under $2.50 by Christmas considering over 15 percent of the gas stations in the U.S. are already charging under $2.50 a gallon for unleaded gas.

[Source: GasBuddy.com]

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  • craigcole

    Well, that’s one reason to live in Oklahoma City … the only one, LOL!