Students Asked to Admit Drunk Driving for Scholarship

Students Asked to Admit Drunk Driving for Scholarship

Colorado students are getting an unusual opportunity to receive a college scholarship this spring.

The First Step Scholarship is being launched in hopes of decreasing the number of high school students that drink and drive, with students that are willing to admit to the habit receiving a $1,000 scholarship this spring. Launched by Christian Schwaner, a private defense attorney in Colorado Springs, the scholarship looks for students willing to admit to their mistakes of driving under the influences and will have to submit an essay that provides a detailed account of those incidents. Schwaner hopes that it will be a “light-bulb moment for these kids,” saying that “self-admission and self-education are very powerful tools.”

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Applicants will have to research statistics and data about drunken and buzzed driving and utilize the research to create “concrete steps” to ensure it will not happen again. The scholarship is proving to be controversial because it could be interpreted as an incentive for underage drinking, but Schwaner says the motive is to find students that are willing to admit their habit and how it could be dangerous for other kids to follow in their footsteps.

[Source: The Denver Post]