Top 10 Rotary Powered Vehicles

Top 10 Rotary Powered Vehicles
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5. Chevrolet Aerovette XP-895

Chevrolet dabbled with Rotary powered vehicles in the 1970s, but none ever made it to production. After first building a two rotor motor to test in the Vega compact car, Chevrolet decided to bolt two of these engines together and create a 420 hp four rotor motor. The manufacturer created this monster for the Chevrolet Aerovette XP-895; a mid-engine potential super-Corvette.

However, due to the fuel crisis and financial costs, the rotary program was scrapped at GM and the four-rotor motor was replaced by a conventional V8 in the Aerovette. The Aerovette would follow the four rotor a few years later and be scrapped as well.

  • Alfie

    How many gallons of oil were burnt making this post?

  • Mike Schlee

    Three gallons and two apex seals

  • Souse

    No C111?!?

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    Yeah, right after Mazda won LeMans, FIA outlawed rotary engines. They’re getting as bad as NASCAR with the rules these days…

  • Transpower

    Wow, I totally don’t remember the Aerovette….

  • Ken H

    Thank you for including the 20b cosmo.

    As an owner im Really happy to see it in an article

  • Sylvia Roche

    No Citroen!!! They made the M35 single rotor and the GS birotor, created a company called Comotor SA in 1967 to jointly develop and produce rotary engines with NSU, that deserves a mention. They also built a prototype rotary engine helicopter!

  • Just Some Kid

    The 787b was naturally aspirated. Get your facts straight before you post something on the internet that is incorrect.

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    Right you are. The story has been updated. Thanks for the comment.