Top 10 Rotary Powered Vehicles

Top 10 Rotary Powered Vehicles
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3. NSU Spider

Before even the Mazda Cosmo, this is the car that started it all. The NSU Spider was the first production car ever to be powered by a rotary engine thanks to a single 498 cc rotor that produced 50-54 hp. Mounted in the back, the rotary engine was selected due to its diminutive size; perfect for a tiny roadster.

The Spider itself was not a great car and the one rotor motor proved to be unreliable. However, it did blaze the trail that allowed every other vehicle on this list to be produced, and that alone is worth a lot of recognition.

  • Alfie

    How many gallons of oil were burnt making this post?

  • Mike Schlee

    Three gallons and two apex seals

  • Souse

    No C111?!?

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    Yeah, right after Mazda won LeMans, FIA outlawed rotary engines. They’re getting as bad as NASCAR with the rules these days…

  • Transpower

    Wow, I totally don’t remember the Aerovette….

  • Ken H

    Thank you for including the 20b cosmo.

    As an owner im Really happy to see it in an article

  • Sylvia Roche

    No Citroen!!! They made the M35 single rotor and the GS birotor, created a company called Comotor SA in 1967 to jointly develop and produce rotary engines with NSU, that deserves a mention. They also built a prototype rotary engine helicopter!

  • Just Some Kid

    The 787b was naturally aspirated. Get your facts straight before you post something on the internet that is incorrect.

  • Stephen Elmer

    Right you are. The story has been updated. Thanks for the comment.