Volvo Concept Coupe Currently ‘On Hold’

Volvo Concept Coupe Currently ‘On Hold’

The Volvo Concept Coupe’s production variant might not surface anytime soon.

The stylish concept first debuted at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show and while the Swedish automaker hasn’t completely ruled it out for production, its exterior design manager Anders Gunnarson admitted that the project is currently “on hold” in an interview with Auto Express. Gunnarson added that Volvo “very much wants to build the Concept Coupe,” but the automaker is focusing on its XC90 for the time being.

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It’s a smart business decision, considering the growth of the crossover and SUV segment while coupes haven’t exactly been the hottest sellers worldwide. As for a competitor to the BMW X6, such as an XC90 coupe model, that will likely not get the green light said Gunnarson, calling such a model “a bit far-fetched.”

GALLERY: Volvo Concept Coupe Live Shots


GALLERY: Volvo Concept Coupe


[Source: Auto Express]

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    That is too bad. It is a nice looking coupe.