White Voted Most Popular Car Color in 2014

White Voted Most Popular Car Color in 2014

Over a quarter of the vehicles sold in 2014 were white.

According to a recent study released by PPG Industries, white was the most popular color choice in 2014 with 28 percent of all new cars sporting the clean shade. Coming in second was black with 18 percent while silver and gray tied for third with 13 percent. In fourth place was what PPG calls “natural” colors, which includes gold, beige, yellow, orange and brown, which made up 10 percent of new car sales while nine percent of new cars sold in 2014 were red.

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White continues to grow in popularity with 25 percent of vehicles sold in 2013 finished in white. Two years ago, white accounted for 22 percent of new vehicle sales. So what’s dropping out in popularity? Silver, which fell from 20 percent globally in 2012 to 15 percent in 2013.

If you’re looking at just North America, color popularity is similar as the worldwide figures: 23 percent white, 18 percent black, 16 percent gray and 15 percent silver.

  • craigcole

    Sorry, not a fan. IMHO white is sooooooo boring! It’s the non-choice automotive color choice shared by nondescript Econoline vans, airport shuttles and rented Corollas from Enterprise. No thanks.

  • Santos

    Really? Every white car I’ve had becomes instantly dirty the moment you take it out of the garage… Maybe people really like the idea of white – but owning a white car is a nightmare.

  • hp79

    What are you talking about? That’s what happens with black or darker color cars. Black cars are a nightmare to keep look clean. White cars usually don’t look that dirty and hides blemishes very well. I like white cars because it doesn’t get as hot under the sun, and it also helps the paint/clear coat last longer because it reflects more of the sun energy.