2016 Mazda MX-5 Officially Makes 155 HP

2016 Mazda MX-5 Officially Makes 155 HP

Official numbers are here for the new 2016 Mazda MX-5. 

The small lightweight roadster will put out 155 hp and 148 lb-ft of torque thanks to its 2.0-liter SkyActiv four-cylinder engine. In other parts of the world, a smaller 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine is also available with 129 hp and 110 lb-ft of torque.

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Official weights for the car are still unreleased, but Mazda has said that the new car is about 220 pounds lighter than its predecessor, which means it will have a better power-to-weight ratio despite making less power than the previous car.

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  • Mark S

    The reviews of the 1.5l over in Portugal sound promising

  • Bevels

    It’s definitely the nicest looking MX5 Mazda have produced in my opinion, that may have something to do with their collaboration with Alfa 😉


    155hp… LAME! Why do Mazda insist on making the MX5 underpowered. The Mazda 3 comes out with an engine producing 185hp and that’s a FWD lay persons car!!!!!!

    The Toyota 86 has 200hp and all the reviewers loved it for its balance and handling, but bagged it for being slightly underpowered and lacking the slingshot feel of higher powered sport cars in its class. Take note Mazda.

    Here’s hoping they bring out an SE version with at LEAST 50hp more, although in my mind, that should be the start point for the NA.

    Sorely disappointed, as a NB owner it’s such a bitter sweet affair. Awesome in every regard, except the fact its grossly underpowered.

    Why Mazda, don’t you do what you did in the 70’s with the Capella/RX2, 808/RX3, 929/RX4 and throw a boring 155hp piston in for the hairdressers and a next gen rotary for the cool kids? This way you could affordably keep the rotary project alive, without having to spend gazillions in R&D, marketing/sales and the production of an entirely separate RX vehicle.

    Hands up who would buy an MX5 with a 16X rotary power plant in it.. you can count me in for sure! And I’m pretty sure you can count in the hundreds of MX5 owners who have either transplanted 13b turbos or V8’s to give the car the power it deserves.

  • Antonio S

    I can agree with you to an extent, as an avid RX7 owner and NA Miata owner I love that Mazda is keeping the Miata alive. I do agree 155hp is under powered but Mazda has always built the Miata to be that perfect handling and balanced vehicle. If they were to aim to put more power into the current 2.0 for the Miata it would drop fuel economy and emissions ratings and will deter customers and cause EPA taxes for Mazda, that is to say if it stays N/A.

    Dropping the 2.5 into the Miata would be the next best step but again it would cause the current perfect handling and balance to be disturbed as the 2.5 would weigh more, it may also be a bigger motor height and width wise so that would require moving the engine again to keep the handling and balance they’ve already designed with the 2.0. That being said designing the Miata with the 2.5 in mind at the beginning would appease those who would want more power from the Miata.

    Now if the Miata was to be designed with the 2.5 i can think of a few things that would be different than the current 2016 we see today. The weight of the vehicle would go up being one, the price of the vehicle being two and appeal to the masses of fuel efficiency and emissions being three. The weight of the engine plus the dimensions increased for Mazda to make the car safer, stiffer, and handle the way they want would case that weight to increase. With added weight it would cause higher costs in material, worse fuel economy and again worse emissions than the current 2016 Miata. With the added cost in material and the fuel efficiency tied with emissions the price of making and selling the Miata to you/me/the customer goes up. The Miata could end up costing more than the BRZ/FRS and it would still make less power at 185hp. Let alone weigh as much as the BRZ/FRS, it would make poor sales and still be considered under powered.

    All logic aside I would love to see it with a Rotary power plant and would yell at Mazda to take my money as to me a Rotary Miata trumps all expenses and logic in my heart. lol With that link shared by Mark S below and Mazda were to release to america the current 2016 Miata with the 2.5L with just revised suspension and call it a “Mazdaspeed” I think the upped cost slight bump in weight would out do the factory sold BRZ/FRS all day any day. Then again whose to say the current wont do the same. We wont know for sure till the test drives are released to America for the 2.0 in march 2015