Ask the Engineer: What do You Want to Know About the 2016 Toyota Tacoma?

Ask the Engineer: What do You Want to Know About the 2016 Toyota Tacoma?

The next-generation Toyota Tacoma will debut at the Detroit Auto Show next week and here’s your chance to ask the chief engineer anything you want.

Does it have a new engine?

Is the body made of aluminum?

How much can it tow?

Did you cram the turbocharged engine from the Lexus NX200t under the hood? (probably not).

Ask anything you like and with any luck Toyota will select your question to answer during a live stream.

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The press conference will begin at 12:50 PM EST on Monday, January 12 and you can watch it all in our browser at the end of this story.

Leave your question below, post it here, or tweet it at @Toyota using the hashtag #TacomaChat.

  • craigcole

    This is pretty cool! I wish more automakers hosted chats like this; they’re a great way to interact with consumers and enthusiasts alike.

  • Stephen Elmer

    Once we see powertrain details, I’ll have more questions. But for now.

    1. What has been done to make the interior quieter?
    2. How has the Tacoma been changed to make the ride smoother?
    3. Has the seating position been revised?
    4. What sets the Tacoma apart from the competition?
    5. What efforts have been made to improve fuel economy?

  • Rickers

    Will you offer a diesel?

  • Benjamin Goodwin

    Toyota has always had less power and fuel economy than its Detroit born counterparts, but owners have been able to pride themselves on the longevity and reliability of their Japanese powered 4x4s. A diesel powered GMC will close the gap quite significantly between US made small trucks and Toyota in terms of both longevity and reliability. I’d like to know how Toyota plans to compete with the upcoming diesel offerings from Chevy/GMC as well as Nissan, that’s starting to realize the opportunity in this market.

  • Felix James

    Question for Mike Sweers: Pickup trucks just seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Do you think there’s room for a new truck in Toyota’s lineup below the Tacoma?

  • Allan Turrick

    How do the truck’s dimensions differ from the 2nd generation Tacoma?

  • Julie Gibes

    I like the subtlety of the name imprint on the back. Who was the engineer who designed that awesome tailgate?

  • Captain America

    Mileage? Horsepower? Trims? Costs? WHEN CAN I BUY ONE?!?!

  • phil

    Go ahead, ask about engines and the strong competition, .. but i suggest refrain from assuming the reliability gap has been bridged,.. because thats only speculation on your part. because when you say quote”A diesel powered GMC will close the gap quite significantly between US made small trucks and Toyota in terms of both longevity and reliability.”” you are only speculating. nothing else. Making that part of your question completely irrelevant. A new engine in say a GMC truck will not prevent or mitigate a/c, suspension, electronic systems problems, or other problems on the trucks, and therefore may not mean anything in terms of its overall reliability scores.

    my 2cents

  • Jay

    A quick search on for Tacoma diesel or Toyota Diesel and you will find lots of chatter, petitions and Facebook pages about Toyota fans wanting a diesel. A petition called Toyota D4D will quickly show you the frustrations of Toyota owners. Assuming and to no surprise that Toyota won’t offer a diesel, my question is…. why are you not offering a diesel?

  • Dale Mitchell

    I just attended the Sportsman’s Expo in Sacramento and Toyota had a large display featuring their trucks and SUVS. I asked their sales personnel about putting a diesel power train in their trucks and was told that Toyota has been studying the issue for a while but so far has determined that the emissions standards for Diesel engines in the U.S. are too difficult and expensive to make it cost worthy for Toyota to incorporate. I argued that Toyota would be falling behind the pack then because all the other truck manufactures are starting to provide decent diesel options. There’s no excuse for NOT developing a diesel power plant for Toyota vehicles.

  • Jim Farnsworth

    What has been done to alleviate my concerns about frame integrity? The Tacoma Gen I frame rust through problem is beginning to show up in early Gen II’s. I have particular concerns about my 07 Prerunner in the areas where reinforcing sections are riveted to the main structure. There is obvious flaking, layering and swelling (as evidenced by the bulges between rivets) of the metal in these areas. And no Iowa where I live is not included in Toyota’s of cold weather states making my truck ineligible for Toyota’s corrosion protection treatment.

    I am anxiously awaiting the new Tacoma, the exterior looks promising, just hope he power train is worthy of my consideration as a replacement for bluTaco.

  • Chuck Smith

    Is the new Tacoma going to have LED Taillights?? Are the directional lights at the rear yellow or red?

  • Nate

    What safety features will be added to the “new” generation Tacoma? What
    has been done to improve interior room as far as seating comfort, space,
    and mainly rear space in the double cab? What makes this generation
    more capable than the last off road? We’ve waited a long… long time
    for a redesign and by the looks of it, Toyota didn’t stray to far away
    from the second generation… why? Please no comment like, “if it isn’t
    broken, don’t fix it.” The Camry has had how many changes since 2005?
    It’s about time Toyota start showing some love for the truck guys….
    Also, please tell the person engineering these new head lights to keep
    them close to the body, not 3 feet protruding from the hood and fenders.


  • Nate

    Good questions! Don’t forget about the rusting problems with the frame and why they continue to use rear drum brakes on the Tacoma.

  • Nate

    If only the automaker listened….

  • ray

    New Tacoma is nice. Any chance that the 2016 Tacoma finally gets disc brakes at all 4 corners?

  • josh

    Is there still going to be a hood scoop on the TRD version and does the double cab still come in a 6ft bed ?

  • Superslif

    60% of the mid-sized truck market. Must be doing something right….And with the high resale values as a added plus. Try riding in a 7 year old Ranger and then a 7 year old Tacoma….You will see one still rides like new, the other we’ll just say hum?

  • Mike

    Still like to see a diesel version for the U.S. market, such as the Hi-Lux I had in Mexico.

  • jeff dickson

    Please tell me a power seat is finally available

  • Ken Wee

    I want disc brakes in the rear and an outside temperature gauge. these included I will trade my 2014 for a 2016.

  • Jal1204

    What is the overall length of the new 2016 Tacoma? Have the gas mileage numbers been released ?

  • Bruce Wayne

    Will Toyota sell the same unit [with the diesel] that we see ISIS driving?
    I would like one with USA flags on it ….

  • KatanaPilot

    Suggestions for improvements –

    1. Hope the new 3.5L V6 has less mechanical noise than the 4.0L predecessor and better fuel economy. My 5.7L Tundra gets as good mileage as my son’s 4.0L Tacoma.
    2. A 3.0L D4D turbodiesel would be very desirable.
    3. Limited trim package available with 6 speed manual.
    4. Interior trim level commensurate with a 40K truck – power seats, etc.

  • Posey

    This site is of no value. I posted 4 months ago on tacomas crew cab overall length and no reply. The truck must be in production at this time. Guess a Chevy Colorado is looking better and better.