There are Just Eight Bugatti Veyrons Left to Buy

There are Just Eight Bugatti Veyrons Left to Buy

If you’ve been wanting to purchase a brand new Bugatti Veyron, you better act quickly.

The French automaker has revealed to CAR that just eight units are left available and after that, the limited production Veyron will no longer be on the market. Recently we’ve spied photos of the rumored Chiron testing using a Veyron as a mule and it’s likely that the company is well into development considering Wolfgang Dürheimer also confirmed that there would be no downtime at the factory once Veyron production is completed.

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According to Dürheimer, Bugatti will “get ready with the pre-series cars to support the launch of the next car,” which means we could see the Veyron’s successor later this year even though production won’t commence until 2016. Little is known about the Veyron’s successor, other than that it’ll be faster and more powerful than the current supercar which has a 268 mph in Veyron Super Sport trim. The 16-cylinder engine is expected to carry over but will be fine tuned to offer over 1,200 hp.

GALLERY: Bugatti Chiron Hybrid Mule Spy Photos


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