Continental Developing Augmented-Reality Diagnostics

Continental Developing Augmented-Reality Diagnostics

German supply giant Continental is working on a lot of cutting-edge technology, much of which is aimed at making things easier for drivers. But that’s not the limit of what they’re developing.

The company has created a system that can make vehicle service faster and simpler. Their augmented reality diagnostics technology can help walk service professionals through repair processes. It’s capable of showing them exactly where a particular issue is located, what the part number of a defective component is and even the torque values particular fasteners need to be set at.

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Continental AR DiagnosticsA special dongle plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostic port and communicates fault codes to a tablet running a special application. The technician just points the computer’s camera at the area needing service and the system starts guiding them by overlaying special graphics. Best of all this takes place in real time; as they move around so do the corresponding images. Service workers can even order new parts right from the app. The beauty of this system is that it saves them from having to cross-reference things and search through repair manuals to find relevant data.

Another potential benefit of using augmented reality to assist with vehicle repairs is that you don’t always need an expert technician to do the work. It can enable a less experienced mechanic to tackle something they’re not necessarily familiar with. This flexibility can save drives both time and money.

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