Continental Developing Sexier Display Screens

Continental Developing Sexier Display Screens

Display technology is a critical part of modern life. Screens are literally everywhere, from the TV in your living room to the laptop on your desk, the ATM at your credit union to the smartphone in your pocket. We’re surrounded by electronic displays, even when we’re behind the wheel.

Literally adding a new dimension to the automotive space, supplier-company Continental is adapting AMOLED technology to vehicle interiors. These screens, often found in cutting-edge electronics provide numerous benefits compared to traditional LCDs. Short for active-matrix organic light-emitting diode, this technology provides an overall better viewing experience with higher contrast, brighter colors and less ghosting, plus it can even allow for new design forms. AMOLED screens are flexible and can be curved for different applications, something the firm is developing.

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But there challenges. Continental worked to make this display technology longer lasting and less affected by the temperature swings that vehicles endure. Remember, cars and trucks have to survive desert heat, arctic winters and every kind of weather in between. AMOLED screens are a little more expensive than other display technologies but their advantages can offset this downside. The company’s adaptation of this is expected to become commercially available within three to four years.

Digital Gauges

One item they showcased was a hybrid analog-digital instrument cluster. The speedometer and tachometer of this display were both traditional circular gauges, but nestled between these indicators was a borderless AMOLED display. Thanks to the inky-blacks provided by this technology’s high contrast ratio it was difficult to tell where the analog gauges started and the digital display began. Of course this is but one application of this technology.

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