McLaren 650S GTR Rumored for Geneva Debut

McLaren 650S GTR Rumored for Geneva Debut

McLaren has already confirmed the P1 GTR will make its debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, but it might not be the only GTR model making its debut.

Rumor has it that the British automaker is also working on a GTR model for its 650S that will be more powerful and around 220 lbs lighter than the standard production 650S. There’s no confirmation on how much more power the 650S GTR will churn out, but it’ll also receive several styling tweaks to make it even more aggressive on the outside.

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Other rumors say that the 650S could be getting a Long Tail option like the F1 GTR Long Tail while another report states that the model won’t even sport the 650S nameplate. Regardless, there are a couple more months to wait until the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, but if these rumors are to be true, expect McLaren to start releasing teasers leading up to the debut.

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[Source: De Telegraaf]

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