Ram 700 to Debut in Detroit – CORRECTED

Ram 700 to Debut in Detroit – CORRECTED

Update: When asked if the Ram 700 would come to the US on Autoline After Hours, Ram CEO Bob Hegbloom responded, “Not at this time. It’s not homologated; it’s not setup to come to the US. Certainly we’ve looked at it and we’ll continue to look at opportunities.” 

Ram will unveil a compact pickup truck at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show next week. 

According to Autoline, Ram will debut the 700 in Detroit, a compact pickup based on the Fiat Strada. The small truck carries the Fiat badge in international markets, though in Mexico it is known as the Ram 700.

The truck sold in Mexico uses  a 115-hp 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine and the truck has a 1,500-pound payload capacity, a number that is comparable to some half-ton pickups. When it comes to the U.S., expect the engine to be beefed up, likely to the same 2.4-cylinder four-cylinder found in the ProMaster City that makes 178 hp and 174 lb-ft of torque. A nine-speed automatic transmission is also likely.

2015 Detroit Auto Show Preview

Up until now, Ram’s debut next week remained a mystery, with only a teaser video letting us know that some type of off-road vehicle was on its way. This makes sense when you consider that the Ram 700 has an “Adventure” trim that outfits it with a locking-differential and digital inclinometer. Both single- and extended-cab versions are available in Mexico, starting at a price equivalent to $14,000 USD. The Adventure model sells for around $18,000.

We reached out to a Ram spokesperson for comment on the story. He replied “we cannot comment on the possibility of future product.”


[Source: Autoline]

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  • Power Wagon

    Wow…..Fiat is killing Jeep and now Ram…..unreal.

  • lvd2340

    How is Fiat killing Jeep? They just sold 1 million Jeeps worldwide for the first time ever. They’ve more than doubled their sales since 2008.

  • johnls39 .

    I can see this little truck to have a cult following here in the States.

  • craigcole

    I agree. If they actually sell this thing here it could fill the vacuum created when Ford axed the Ranger.

  • NinoNessuno

    They would be far better suited to use the bones as either a Journey replacement or something slotting in below. Small pickups will not churn the same volume as small CUV’s will…Especially one with that simulacrum of a bed.

    Not to mention they’re going to find an overlap between this and the Renegade, they only get to sell one vehicle per conversation…

  • Guest

    Just what the world has been asking for. The a resurrected Subaru Baja with a Dodge badge on it, and 2 less doors.

  • Aaron Lavender

    Just what the world has been asking for. The resurrecttion of the Subaru Baja, with a Dodge badge on it, and 2 less doors.

  • i am better than u

    so ugly it looks like a pontiac vibe pickup and it probably will run for only a year

  • Nate

    My exact thoughts.

  • chris

    So, it looks like an updated ford explorer. I’ve always liked the Dodge Ram looks, but this is ridiculous. Sure it’s based off of a FIAT vehicle, but let the Dodge Ram designers design the Dodge trucks instead of FIAT, they do a much better job!

  • maserati123

    Nice truck it should be a hot seller.I love it.

  • Mat

    A redesign is way overdue

  • Kent

    The pickup would be considerably cheaper as an empty bed is cheaper to build than backseats and trunks, etc…

  • NinoNessuno

    But with a CUV you have a wider pool or potential purchases, and a wider scope to scale models and margins higher then you do on a SMALL, niche pickup.

    You can put a CUV in every other drive way, the initial sunk costs into production are more then recoverable through margin and volume…

  • Kenny Roy

    Holy shit they rebadged the brazilian fiat strada and made it a RAM? I love it but i remember it as a fiat they came out with this current platform that was last updated in 08 so its been around for awhile, STILL LOVE IT THOUGH! better looking than the peugot hoggar

  • trekra

    I am definitely NOT historically a fan of Chrysler products, but I am a born and raised rural boy living in an urban environment. I don’t need to out tow 1/2 ton pickup, and frankly don’t have the space in my home or work garage for one even if I chose to buy one again.

    Realistically, this vehicle would make me a Chrysler buyer, ESPECIALLY if it had a midgate setup to make it more adaptable. I just need it to be able to tow a 6×10 utility trailer (perhaps a capacity of 2500-3500 towing would be ideal), and be able to get out of its own way, power wise (170-220 would be more than enough).

    I’m waiting and WILL buy it- will you build it?