Self-Driving Audi A7 Arrives Safely at CES

Self-Driving Audi A7 Arrives Safely at CES

The autonomous Audi A7 that set off for CES has completed its journey to Las Vegas.

The total distance traveled was 560 miles, and although not all of those miles were completely autonomous, the A7 did manage several driver-free stints of over 100 miles.

2015 Consumer Electronics Show Coverage

“The results of the test drive underscores our piloted driving competency”, said Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, from Audi Technical Development team. The car utilized an array of advanced driver assistance technologies, many of which are currently available on modern Audi’s today. This means that the radars sensors used for for adaptive cruise control and Audi’s side-assist system are being used for autonomous driving. There are also laser scanners which are integrated into the front grille and rear bumper which can recognize static and dynamic objects.

There are also four smaller cameras at the front and rear of the vehicle which provide information of the car’s surroundings. An additional, high-resolution, wide-angle 3D video camera can observes the traffic situation surrounding the vehicle. This 3D camera will show up in the production version of the upcoming Q7.

Audi points out that the car can operate from 0 mph, to 70 mph without any driver interaction. It can also change lanes and pass other motorists at its discretion. The car can also identify situations it can’t operate in, and informs the driver with a number of warning signals.

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