Top 10 Cheapest Cars with 300 Horsepower

Top 10 Cheapest Cars with 300 Horsepower

3. 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost: 310-hp $26,125

New for 2015 is the EcoBoost four-cylinder powered Mustang. Priced at $26,125 and putting out 310-hp, this turbocharged pony car is an excellent value. The upside with the EcoBoost engine is that it sports out 320 lb-ft of torque and is the most fuel efficient Mustang you can get, with manual models earning 22 MPG in the city, and 31 on the highway.

  • Chad Lewine

    where’s the Mazdaspeed3? lol i loved that car. 

  • Colum Wood

    It makes “only” 263 hp.

  • SAMwrxNEAL

    uhhh both the Camaro and Mustang V6 models have 300 hp and are cheaper than their V8 counterparts…

  • T. Roll

    There’s so much domestic junk on this list.

  • Mark Golden

    this list sounds like a joke……370z at 9th & the chevy impala at 4th…. am i missing something?

  • Tom Donohue

    Are these prices American??

  • Cheap Viagra

    Subaru WRX STI is definitely the best choice among all these. 

  • Hottie

     Are you mad? WRX better than the ZL1? Lol.

  • Cannuck

     You bet. In Canada the ZL1 will probably cost $100K.

  • Hero Motorcycles

    The pricing would differ big time

  • Guest096

    It is based on a rally car and not a giant 2 door boat…..

  • T. Roll

     Whatever. ZL1 ran a 7:41 Nurburgring time. The best I’ve seen for a WRX is 7:55.

  • Rick Nice

    I agree mark! the 370Z is far superior to the impala in performance and reliability.

  • Carl Synnett

    How the hell Mustang is cheap? -.-

  • Shawn Merrill

    Can you guys read? Its goes by descending price. Anyway, on topic, Ford yet again trumps another “Top List”

  • Bob

    Wow, a little american pride could do you some good.

  • Jason

    it is the CHEAPEST cars with over 300HP..370Z is 25k while the mustang is 23K

  • Theggman

    Yes, you are.  As the
    list number ascends to number one, it is reflective of a DECENDING price.  Were you also confused by the presence of two
    Camaros and two Mustangs?  I can explain
    that too.

  • Howie Johnson

    every one of you complaining about the car at the top of this story are morons…

  • Peter

    What your missing is that the list has nothing to do with which car is better but has everything to do with which car is cheeper. Didn’t you notice that as you approach the number 1 car in this list that the price keeps on dropping?

  • guest

    the wrx sti is the only one that could go fast around a corner

  • Driver

    300hp means nothing when the rest of the car is a heavy mess of total garbage with a plastic interior and zero ability to take corners. Why exactly was this list even made?

  • Matthias

    There is so much Korean shit and Japanese junk on this list.  

  • Stevedave

    So they show a picture of challenger RT and give specs and price for an SE V6, but don’t even list the RT like the Mustang and Camaro, and where’s the Evo GSR? cheaper than the WRX STI, list just seems poorly researched in regards to pricing structure.

  • Calgary Computer Repair

    The reason most of these are cheap is because they’re domestic. There are only 2 cars on this list that are worth anything IMO. Numbers 9 and 10.

  • Bobbyforget

    cheap is$15,000. , not $35,000. and up

  • The

    Your article does nothing but perpetuate the FALLACY of ‘horsepower’ to ignorant American drivers.

    MOST Americans will never run their engine RPMs up to where their car has it’s ‘rated’ horsepower.

    -Acceleration- is about TORQUE.  That’s why a 6-speed turbo diesel can do 0-60 in 6.1 seconds.

    It’s why you see a Dodge Cummins turbo-diesel truck blowing away a Mustang at the drag-strip.

    Horsepower is what enables you to maintain speed against aerodynamic drag… in a gas vehicle, the maximum torque is typically in the same RPM range as the maximum horsepower.  e.g. 4500-6500.

    That’s why my old 1987 Porsche 951 (4 cylinder 2.5 liter Turbo) can beat a shiny new V-8 Corvette… the ‘Vette’ driver is afraid to take his car up to the RPM range where GM says his engine was rated.

  • Raven Schmidt

    My husband and I test drove both the Nissan 370 and The Camero Back to back.  I’d have to say that the order here is wrong. The 370 is much more manuverable, stays on the road better on uneven surfaces and has considerablly better visability.

    Not saying that the camero was a bad car or anything….just not as good as the 370.

  • Guest

    Since you have to say Americans Im assuming you dont live here and therefor have no idea what you’re talking about. I run the piss out of my challenger and destroy bitches. Im sure your porsche would kick my ass but dont say Americans cant drive because of some dipshits you watched on youtube.

  • Guest

    These things can get the fuck up for 305 horsepower. I raced one in my rt challenger with K&N CAI and borla catback exhuast and he kept right up with me.

  • Guest

    If you pay 25k for any impala you’re retarded

  • Guest

    SS Camaro would whoop that things assssssss

  • Guest

    You know you can buy an ss and send it to hennessy for $18,000 and they will super and turbo charge it for like 650+ hp right? Even stock it would fuck up a wrx sti, easily.

  • Guest

    Nooooo RTs are 34k my friend

  • T. Roll

     Yes, but Hennessy is a crook.

  • Lemuel

    Most of the vehicles here are coupes, but a trio of sedans squeezed in, proving fun can come in four-doors.

  • Barry

    the impalas have been around forever, they are inexpensive to operate and very reliable

  • Odogg

    Saying that the American muscle is floaty in its handling , you didn’t do your homework buddy.The SS Camaro comes stock with magnetic shocks , the same that are put on a 2013 Ferrari .

  • damen

    This cars like good

  • Williamsteadham

    well i do give props to the sti beeing 1st but the 370z it should be right there toooooo

  • Larry Reeves

    Its a same they’re all so goddamn porky.  If they weren’t, 300hp would actually be something!  

  • Mensch

    It’s going based on the price.. Impala is cheaper so it ranks higher than the 370z

  • Flip_sm

    for me
    1 370z nismo (that what i will buy soon)
    2 STI  (good chose Ihad a WRX very fun and now a 2.5RS winter car and for family car)
    3 Evolution (where is it)
    4 Genesis…cheap interior
    5 all scrap american they have no handling just power

  • Guest

    Another Muscle Guy thinking his cheap american made is the equivalent to an italian sports car. LOL 

  • Rae67

    American cars..all scrap no handling..really?? Although I agree that many..maybe most American sports cars don’t handle as well as Euro or Japanese cars, that generalization is a huge overreach. The example of this is the Corvette. Ok, I struggle try to find another example your point is I guess made.. But the snotty way you put it rubbed me the wrong way.. Even the Mustang with its lack of an independent rear suspension isn’t scrap. In fact as a whole the selection of cars made and sold in America blows away the selection offered in any other country in terms of affordable quality. For example..Italy is home to some of the finest vehicles in the world but all of the affordable Italian cars suck..horribly. That’s pretty much the same story across the globe. Another great example of American quality..Jaguar was really dragging the bottom when Ford bought them and brilliantly kept the integrity of the brand and reinstalled the quality Jag was known for but had lost..

  • Jamie Reusche

    yup any thing that isnt 100hp to 1000lbs is a waste. cars keep getting fatter in the name of “safety”

  • dude

    All of you are retards. The title says top 10 cheapest. All these cars are cheap. Obviously the mustang is the best priced 300 hp car in the list. And to clarify this. You cannot compare many of these cars. Most of them are in different classes anyway.

  • pracefan

    What is really
    despicable here, and so common in automobile forums, is the lack of intelligent remarks and most of you young people can’t even spell. Most of you can’t even afford the lowest price vehicle listed here let alone full coverage insurance. Pull your heads out and get educated before society leaves you behind. I own 3 poor man’s sport cars, a muscle car, a high power turbo Asian car and a luxury high performance sedan. I visit several automobile forums, and it is the poor man’s sport cars forums that are so full of idiotic punks slamming
    each other because you think you have some fantastic knowledge of an automobile
    when all you have really is some really cool verbiage you picked up from your
    little buddies and the forums you try to read. Just a sad example of where our
    society is headed. You should all be very proud of the incredible leaps in
    quality our American auto makers have made on the last 10 years. Yes they have
    had to step up their game and they have done an exceptional job. All power, no
    handling? Prove your point! What type of suspension are you criticizing? Do you
    really know what you are talking about?

  • Nissan owner

    This topic was a fail from the beginning.

  • rxwtg

    Dude are you for real. Seriously? Its just cars. Don’t take it personally? People like you suffer road rage or probably run would like to run over pedestrians at crosswalks in any major city.

  • GoD

    you’re such a dumb**s acceleration is NOT about torque… a FREAKIN TRUCK has a lot of TORQUE but no acceleration… and a formula 1 car has VERY LITTLE torque and yet they speed so quick… TORQUE is the ability to PULL weight, hence if the car is light, it does not need that many TORQUE….

  • GoD

    a mazda RX-8 only has 231hp which is more than 100hp less than the 370z and yet around the track it’s only less than a minute slower than the 370z… THAT MY FRIEND IS CALLED GOOD HANDLING

  • ErrWhat

    The Mustang Boss beat the M3.

  • mcsizzle423

    Torque is definitely related to acceleration, though there are certainly other factors involved, such as weight, like you mentioned. Get your facts straight.

  • John McCheap

    Undoubtedly, the best and cheapest of all of them is the Ford Mustang.

  • Frank

    It certainly feels “cheap”


    Tell me about it, these auto bloggers think people who would buy these cars are in their 40’s or something, when likely they are in their 20’s but can’t afford these vehicles even if they weren’t in debt from college tuition!!

  • Bryson

    torque is only relevant to acceleration when there is enough traction to handle it. The same goes for horsepower. This is why the sti is the best on the list, it has 4wd.

  • Bryson

    okay well when you drive the nurburgring in your zl1 and do a 7:41, we’ll listen.

  • ItalyIsPathetic

    When you consider the prices of both they practically are equal. Many American sportscars will keep up with, or even outrun some of the Italian sportscars and as Odogg mentioned, they have a lot of the same equipment nowadays too. They may be cheaper made, but they’re also 10x cheaper to buy. You have to keep that in mind. Long live the muscle cars.

  • Jonathan

    $30,000 doesn’t really seem all that “cheap.” Make a list of cars for under $5000 with 300hp and you might have something.

  • importsall day

    you see dollar signs right ? lol of course its american but some idiots probably put wrong prices of the cars on some of it. dont get me wrong not dissing in any cars but even you have a high horsepower without handling that car is actually nothing . handling with a light body is most definitely the way to go .. put some turbo on it and there you go . ive seen a 350z smoked a mustang in a quarter mile and yet they are better handling not dissing any american muscle cars or something but its just the truth

  • Speedx

    Horsepower is how fast you hit the wall
    Torque is how far you move the wall you just hit.

  • 5.0 2014 stock base coupe

    raced one today with my brand new 5.0 i smoked him it was funny he was mad

  • 3000vr4

    3000gt vr4 cheapest fastest lol smoke stis all day

  • Rickers

    Except… it’s an ugly old piece of crap.

  • guest31

    Italian cars are not reliable. Crap.

  • Get The Facts Right

    The V-6 Impala does not have that much horsepower. The 5.3 V-8 SS model has the horsepower.

  • truthhurts88

    This list sucks, obviously an american car fanboy made this list. Wrx*, focus st, mazdaspeed3 all are cars that are cheaper and better than most cars on this list. I do agree that the mustang is probably the best straight line speed for the money. A wrx would still beat the mustang to 60 though.

    Challenger, camaro, magnum and impala are all such trash cars that aren’t even that fast in any aspect.

  • motorhead

    Dude stfu

  • heather

    In what world are new cars under $5000

  • JeremySS


  • usasucks

    were do you work bruh I need a damn job my house hardly cost that much

  • Andrew Robinson

    Just thought id correct you, the V6 version of the impala since 2012 has had 300 HP. it is the same 3.6l V6 used in the Camaro.

    The 5.3l v8 SS discontinued in ’09 is a stronger engine(more TQ) sure, but they are both around 300 HP.


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