Top 10 Safest Affordable Midsize Cars of 2015

Top 10 Safest Affordable Midsize Cars of 2015

The Safest Midsize Cars Available Today

Safety should be an important consideration for anyone buying a new car, but it’s probably your top priority with a family to haul around.

According to IIHS, there are six midsize cars that are moderately priced and have earned Top Safety Pick+ awards, while nine others have earned Top Safety Pick honors. But just because they’ve all earned accolades from IIHS doesn’t mean they’re all equally safe – some performed better than others in certain crash tests.

  • Richard Gerard

    That prius front is worse than the Camry…ugly garbage.

  • Josh

    Ok, I get that this is a safety article but why the need to only mention airbags in one blurb yet the engine choices in all of them?

  • johnls39 .

    I kind of laugh when they said that the Camry had a change in bold design and the car still looks bland and boring. Good one Autoguide!

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    I love my Malibu!

  • Gary Mcscary

    autoguide should go over and BAN all the loud mouths over at governmentmotorsinside news for being such dicks…………..bunch of whining babies

  • joe schmo

    The jetta and the prius are not in the midsize this article is an automatic FAIL. Whoever wrote this trash needs to revisit how cars are categorized into a particular segment. The passat is the hands down choice for #1, period, no exceptions..