UK Cops Crash Seized Mitsubishi Evo

UK Cops Crash Seized Mitsubishi Evo

Hale, UK Police seized this yellow Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII after its driver was stopped for “driving erratically” and arrested for DUI. Normal police procedure, in the UK requires the officers wait for a transporter to tow a seized car to impound, but not this time. The two officers decided to drive the car themselves, and, well, the photos show what happened next.

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The officer behind the wheel lost control at what appears to be very high speed, and ended up rolling the car on a local man’s lawn. One of the officers suffered minor injuries, and clearly their superiors will be launching an investigation into their behavior. Evo carnage gallery after the jump:

[Source: BBC via Redliners]

[Photo Credit: LancerRegister]

  • Steve

    Who will be paying for the replacement car???

  • scotty

    Fuckin pigs see who has the right to give people in a Perthetic uniform the powers to seize others poccesions an make it there own regardless of the crime! Blatant police power abuse an the owner was probably only popping the dumpvalve them pigs knew exactly.what they were plannin This aint BAD BOYS u bitches Learn to drive for one And two Oooooo ur Gettin one hell of a Bill ya cunt ahhaa

  • gav27

    This is fucking ridiculous with cops the two should be fired and fuck DUI I wud go nuts the cops tryed this with my car and they did drive it my friend took a photo of them ina petrol station in it evo 7 i got my case thrown out and the two cops done for stealing the car from the compound

  • Frink

    Who has the right tp give them powers? People who can spell “pathetic”, “possessions” and “their”. Moron.

    It doesn’t excuse their actions but if he was drink driving then arrest and seizure is the only thing they can do and perfectly justified.

  • Guest

    At least they could probably spell ‘to’