Acura NSX Type-R Rendered

Acura NSX Type-R Rendered

When the 2016 Acura NSX debuted last month during the Detroit Auto Show, its chief engineer confirmed that the company is planning more powerful models.

Acura said the longitudinally-mounted engine mated to three electric motors will make “more than 550 hp” in its normal form. One of those electric motors is mounted between the engine and transmission while the other two sit ahead of the cockpit to power the front axle.


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Acura plans to limit the number of units it produces each year, but once the car it showed in Detroit has a chance to stretch its legs, a hard-core version will emerge, likely with a Type-R badge. The Rendered images you see here offer a first glimpse at what a version of the NSX with a fixed rear wing and more aggressive aerodynamic pieces could look like once Acura builds its meaner model.

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GALLERY: 2016 Acura NSX Live Photos


GALLERY: 2016 Acura NSX Official Photos

2016-Acura-NSX-above.jpg 2016-Acura-NSX-back.jpg2016-Acura-NSX-engine.jpg2016-Acura-NSX-front.jpg2016-Acura-NSX-side.jpg2016-Acura-NSX-wheel.jpg2016-Acura-NSX-interior-02.jpg

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  • Every Bit Countz

    How can you steal another studios images, hue shift them to blue add a few parts and then copyright the image? 90% of that render isnt this “authors”.

  • ColumWood

    It’s my new favorite thing!

  • ColumWood

    Can you share the other rendering you’re talking about? We purchased these from a legitimate source.

  • Rickers
  • Disqus11111

    “Rendered” by who? If it isn’t from Honda/Acura it’s total BS.

  • Disqus11111

    If that source isn’t Honda/Acura the “renders” are of no value what so ever.

  • Every Bit Countz

    Ummm the red renders in the Official Acura press release directly beneath these “copy written Type R versions”. Pretty sure its okay to photo manipulate and such, but to copywrite and watermark an image that is blatently just a hue shift with a few tweaks, and removing a background, seems like it’d be questionable practice.

  • ColumWood

    It’s not by Honda and Acura. By stating that they are renderings we’re attempting to make it obvious that these are simply artists creation of what an NSX Type R COULD look like.

  • Jamal

    Other than being badass car porn of course!

  • Pete Flynn

    It looks like one of the Civic Si R-type designers had a wet dream. Really, really hideous.

  • DoctorFeelgoodMD

    Looks nothing like a Civic and far from hideous. It is usually people that can’t afford vehicles like this with the most to say.

  • Gnome D’Poon

    I hope in other markets this will still be known as the HONDA NSX. That way it wont be saddled with that horrible ACURA corporate beak styling cue.. Similar rhinoplasty needs to be done to the entire line of Acura vehicles. They need to know affixing a grill that looks like a gigantic can opener to the front of a Honda does not send it upmarket…no, its just another car with an unfortunate schnoz in need of a nosejob.

  • Vengeance

    Lol true. You can still see the red in the reflection. Whether it’s transformative enough or not is up to a court, so he can definitely be sued. I’m thinking since it was for a “commercial nature”(he’s selling it) he’s more likely to be guilty of infringement.