Analyst Thinks Apple Will Buy Tesla


With rumors that Apple is investing into developing its own vehicles, would the tech giant consider buying Tesla for a generous sum?

Jason Calacanis, angel investor and entrepreneur, believes Apple will purchase Tesla to the tune of $75 billion within the next 18 months, ahead of the entry-level Model 3 heading to market. It is believed that Tesla’s rising market capitalization will result in a merger between Apple and Tesla rather than an acquisition. Currently, the American electric automaker has a market cap of $25.55 billion that seems small compared to Apple’s $740 billion.

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Calacanis believes it only makes sense that Apple is interested in buying Tesla, especially given Tim Cook’s passion for renewable energy. Another factor that could play a role in Apple’s interest is Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s recent announcement that the company is working on a source of energy for the home. There’s also the reasoning that one of Apple’s main competitors, Google, is working on its own driverless car technology and Apple won’t hesitate to compete in the same space as Google in another market.

The big question is if Musk is willing to sell Tesla and if Apple is the right fit. In an interview with Bloomberg, the eccentric CEO did not categorically say he would never sell Tesla, but he did say that any acquisition is “very unlikely.” Then again, he’s got a “mission to Mars” he wants to fulfill and $75 billion would go a long way in making that happen.

[Source: Tech Times]

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  • smartacus

    Betting on Apple buying TESLA may seem like a good bet, but we’ve seen Ducati wear AMG stickers and still get bought up by AUDI.
    Watch TESLA get bought out by Microsoft (not even Google).

  • smartacus

    …and Blackberry will buy Elio :p

  • Vojt Barys

    Definitely not a far fetched idea.

  • Rod Young

    Absolutely the worst possible scenario for consumers. Apple is much more profit orientated and would dumb the car down whilst charging premium pricing. They got the money, let them compete against Tesla, and not take out the main opposition before they even get started,

  • Adrian Meredith

    No way ,elon isn’t in it for the money and I can’t see him letting go of it until his vision is realised.