Apple Tempting Tesla Staff With Big Cash Bonuses

Apple Tempting Tesla Staff With Big Cash Bonuses

Automotive companies aren’t the only ones that are poaching on Tesla employees.

At its core, Tesla is an automotive manufacturer but many of its employees are from the technology sector, including several people from Apple in recent years. But Apple is well aware of the talent within Tesla’s walls and Elon Musk has said that the tech giant has tried very hard to recruit from Tesla, offering $250,000 signing bonuses and even 60-percent salary increases. Musk added that Apple hasn’t been very successful only recruiting “very few people” but you can’t say the same for Tesla.

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The American automaker hired Doug Field to serve as the company’s vice-president of its vehicle program. Field, who also had previous experience at Ford, was overseeing product and hardware design at Apple when Tesla came calling. In fact, Tesla has hired at least 150 former Apple employees. Taking one look at the Tesla Model S you’ll also see the influences from those ex-Apple employees, including the sedan’s 17-inch touchscreen in center console. That feature was developed by Brennan Boblett, a former Apple designer along with a team of Apple alumni.

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