Dodge “Colors Us” Surprised with Flamboyant Viper


Dodge is bringing a splash of color to its booth at this year’s Chicago Auto Show with an eye-catching multi-hued Viper.

This unmistakable performance machine is dressed in a special body wrap that clearly illustrates some of the various colors available in its palette. In fact there are some 8,000 hues offered along with 24,000 different custom stripes.

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Beyond this the car rides on four different wheels, but this isn’t a mistake made by overworked or underpaid Chrysler employees, no. It’s meant to show off some of the different rims that are available on the Viper and if you’re curious there are 10 to choose from.

Inside, Dodge also offers 16 different interiors trims. All told there is something like 25 million different build combinations so if you thought there was a lot going on with this car’s body, think again.

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    can i jus say… that i like how the pictures are now…they are a lot more accessible and easier to use!

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  • doug b

    Saw that hideous TURD on Sunday, wife asked why they painted it so UGLY!