Fiat Finishes Last in JD Power Dependability Study

Fiat Finishes Last in JD Power Dependability Study

Fiat is not having a great week. 

After scoring dead last on the Consumer Reports brand report cards just yesterday, the Italian automaker has now been ranked last in the 2015 JD Power Vehicle Dependability study. For the fourth straight year, Lexus captures the top spot.

The study examines issues experienced by the original owners of three year old vehicles. Each vehicle is ranked by problems experienced per 100 vehicles (PP100), which means a low score is better. New for 2015, the study has added 177 specific problem symptoms for owners to report, most of which are related to new technologies like infotainment and voice recognition systems. In total, 34,000 original vehicle owners were polled to get these results.

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Fiat Chrysler Automobile brands make up three of the bottom five in the study. Fiat ranks in the bottom spot with 273 PP100, with Land Rover sitting in the second last spot with 258 PP100. Jeep managed 197 PP100 with the bottom five rounded out by Mini with 193 PP100 and Dodge with 192 PP100.

On the good end of the list, Lexus remains the best rated brand for the fourth consecutive year. Up three spots from last year is Buick with a score of 110 PP100, landing it in the second spot. Following Buick are Toyota with 111 PP100 and Cadillac with 114 PP100, while Porsche and Honda tie for fifth with 116 PP100.

Average for the entire industry in 147 PP100, or about 1.5 problems per vehicle.

Notable improvements in the test include Scion, which jumped 13 ranks, Ram, moving up 11 spots and Mitsubishi which advanced by 10 positions.

  • Grman Rodriguez

    Why would anyone own a Fiat?

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    Lol. Agreed. People are sheep. They follow trends and wanna be cool, but not using ones brain and doing research before spending thousands of dollars on a car is so not cool.

  • smartacus

    …because Takata airbags and killer ignition switches doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not dependable