Ford Police Interceptor SUV Probe Closed Without Recall

Ford Police Interceptor SUV Probe Closed Without Recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has closed an investigation without ordering a recall.

The probe was announced late last year, looking into Ford Police Interceptor SUVs for possible failures with brake hoses. NHTSA announced that it has failed to identify any evidence of a defect in the hose material, manufacturing process or vehicle installation after analyzing field data, component inspection and test results.

According to a lab, the hose failures in at least 18 Police Interceptor SUVs could be linked to excessive bending stress though subsequent tests on a suspension motion simulator found that the hoses “far surpassed” Ford’s performance specifications.

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“No root cause was determined for the reported Explorer PI jounce hose failures, but Ford identified improper service repair procedures (e.g., hanging the brake caliper from the brake hose during brake pad replacement) as a possible contributor to higher than expected rate of front brake jounce hose leaks,” said NHTSA.

Even though the investigation is closed, NHTSA will continue to monitor complaints and field data to determine if further action is required.

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