Google May Launch Uber Fighting Car Service

Google May Launch Uber Fighting Car Service

Uber’s biggest hurdle might not have anything to do with skirting traditional taxi cab licensing laws.

According to a recent report, Google is developing its own competitor to Uber, likely using its driverless car project as a foundation. Google Ventures, which is Google’s venture capital arm, has invested $258 million in Uber with Google’s chief legal officer, David Drummond, joining Uber’s board of directors in 2013. The report says that Drummond told  Uber’s board that the tech giant may be preparing its own taxi service and that Google is already testing a ride-sharing app internally.

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Google has not been secretive about its desire to revolutionize public transportation, especially though autonomous vehicles. The company has been working on self-driving cars for years and has already created its own prototype vehicle (seen above). If Google does enter the ride-sharing market, it could mean a lot more to Uber than just having another competitor in the segment. Not only does Google have the funds to be competitive within the segment but the company’s smartphones are also used by Uber’s app with Google having access to a plethora of data and information on Uber’s customers and habits.

[Source: Bloomberg]