Honda Trademarks ‘CDX’ Nameplate

Honda Trademarks ‘CDX’ Nameplate

Honda has filed a trademark to protect the name “CDX.”

Filed on February 11 with the US Patent and trademark office, the trademark covers “automobiles and their structural parts.” The most likely candidate to adopt the CDX nameplate is a small Acura crossover, as it would follow the naming structure of the larger RDX and MDX.

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It was recently revealed that Acura is studying the feasibility of selling a small Honda HR-V (pictured above) based crossover and it seems like the brand has already chosen a name for the small vehicle. Bringing a new crossover into the lineup makes sense for the brand, which sold nearly double the amount of crossover than cars last year.

If built, the Acura CDX would compete directly with the Buick Encore which has posted impressive sales numbers since its launch.

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  • HondaPro Jason

    This will be awesome and will strengthen the Honda/Aura brand for the SUV and CUV market. I say they turbo it 😀

  • I completely agree Jason.

  • Excellent news for the Honda and Acura brand. Anxious to see where this may go.

  • emersonushc13

    Now that you’ve shared on this, the world awaits your decree on new string cheeses and tube socks for 2015.