Japan Big 3 to Jointly Develop Self-Driving Cars

Japan Big 3 to Jointly Develop Self-Driving Cars

Japan’s largest automakers are joining forces to work on bringing self-driving cars to the public. 

The Japanese government has planned a self-driving car consortium that will include local universities and large electronics companies along with Honda, Toyota and Nissan. They will come together to discuss standardizing and developing self-driving car technology as Japan is pushing to catch up with Germany and the U.S. in the self-driving car arena.

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The first step of the process will be for all parties to establish standardized parts and software to make communal development cheaper and easier. Communication links will also need to be common technology so they can be protected against hackers. Building actual infrastructure, like in-road systems that communicate with cars, will be outsourced to private companies.

As competition in the self-driving field intensifies globally, Japan wants to make sure that its automakers are well equipped to compete.

[Source: Nikkei]

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